CPA Goal Range

This great new addition to our Drill Down report presentation will help you understand quickly if your campaign is within the range of your actual cost per conversion.

What is CPA?

CPA means “cost per acquisition”. It is a calculation used to measure the actual cost per install/post install compared to your investment goals.

The calculation is :

Total Campaign Spend/Conversions = CPA

Why is it useful?

CPA goal optimization is a good way to easily measure your profit goal per campaign and can be done by using the CPA range feature. 

The CPA range feature will allow you to easily track your actual cost per install by color (according to the goal you inserted.) *Please note, it can be used only in CPC/CPM campaigns.

How to use CPA range feature

The first step is to define your ROI goal, simply by inserting your CPA goal under the bid and budget section in the campaign settings.

In the following example, we chose to insert $0.69 in the CPA goal section.

Screenshot 2023-07-31 221934.png

The second step is to customize your own CPA ranges according to your CPA goal. This is available in the optimization center:


After setting your CPA goal (under bid and budget section), you will be able to track your results by color.

The colors ranges can be set as follows:

Green – for values that are  X%  under your goal

Yellow (optional for use) – for values that are within your defined goal  (+/-  X%  of your goal deviation)

Red – for values that are X% over your goal

If you decide not to adjust the values, the optional default settings are set according to the following:

Green – 0%-100% under or equal to the yellow goal 

Yellow – 101%-110% above the goal

Red – 111% and above the goal

Let’s get back to the $0.69 value that we inserted in the CPA goal section; we chose to use the optional default setting and got a range of colors for the actual values.

The colors allow us to track the performance according to the inserted goal.

All the values that are under or equal to the goal are colored green; all values that are 101%-110% above the goal are colored yellow; and all values that are 111% and above the goal are colored red. 


Now, all you need to do is optimize accordingly to make sure you are keeping your campaign within your CPA goal.

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