Setting the budget, bid and pricing model of your campaign

How to set the budget and bid:

In the budget and bid section, you will be able to see your current account balance at the top. Below you will be asked to complete these details:

Screenshot 2023-07-29 220828.png



First, insert the total budget of the campaign. The total budget is the total amount you would like to spend during the entire duration of the campaign.

Then insert the daily budget of the campaign. The daily budget is the total amount you would like to spend each day the campaign runs.

For example, a campaign that is set up with a total budget of $100 and a daily budget of $20 will run every day with the budget you set, and will stop once the total budget has been reached.

Please keep in mind that a campaign budget may overshoot its daily budget by up to 20%.

Spread the cap:

Screenshot 2023-07-29 221005.png

By choosing this option, the daily budget will be spread as evenly as possible during the day in order to prevent unwanted cases of finishing the daily budget quickly

This option is only available for CPC/CPM campaigns.


First, choose the pricing model of your campaign:


Click on the arrow found on the right side and the menu will open:

Then, insert the bid you would like to pay. You can view the minimum bid for the targeting you choose underneath the Bid Price section.



CPA goal:


The CPA goal enables us to optimize your campaign towards it. It is also used to analyze your ROI in our reports.

Learn more about CPA Goal here


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