How To Continue Increasing Your (formerly StartApp) Earnings

Once you’ve started earning revenue with (formerly StartApp), it can be tempting to just stand back and let the earnings roll in. While that is certainly an option, publishers can maximize their revenues by putting in a little extra work.

Here are some of our tips on how to keep increasing your revenue:

 Do a Review of Your App

You worked hard on your app and it has started gaining users and earning you revenue. At this point, many developers just assume that their apps are complete and there are no improvements to be made.

In fact, now is the perfect time to do a thorough review on your app and see if there are any areas that could be improved, especially with regards to user retention.

For example, do a review of your app’s onboarding process. Is the registration process easy? Are there clear instructions for new users? Are you asking for too much information too early? A lot of users will be suspicious of an app that requires them to give personal information without being able to explore it first.

Is there a way you can cut down on the size and load times of your app? Is there a point in your app where users are consistently leaving? This could be a sign that a particular feature or game level is too difficult to understand or hard to play, causing users to leave and cuasing you to lose potential revenue.

 Play the ASO Game

For those who don’t know, ASO means “App Store Optimization”. Similar to SEO (search engine optimization) for desktop, proper ASO techniques can help users discover your apps and increase downloads.

There are some differences between the Apple App Store and Google Play. For example, Apple cuts off app titles at 12 characters and allows developers to create a keyword list of 100 characters to help users find their apps. On Google Play, developers can insert keywords directly into their app descriptions and their apps will appear on both Google Search and Google Play Search. 

 Try a User Acquisition Campaign!

If you haven’t tried a formal user acquisition campaign yet, this is the perfect time to try one out now that you have started earning revenue from your app. User acquisition campaigns are a great way to get your app in front of new users, but they can be expensive.

Luckily, our self-service advertiser portal is a great and inexpensive way to launch your first acquisition campaign. Its free to sign-up and you can begin to create campaigns immediately with a variety of targeting options.


Unless your app is already global, now is the perfect time to think about expanding your app. This can mean multiple different things. For one, you can expand your app to other countries and open your app up to a whole new group of users. Also, you can start working adapting your app to work on other mobile platforms. Or, you can simply expand your app by adding and experimenting with new features.

Now that you have a built-in audience, it is the perfect time to start taking risks and seeing how you can grow your app’s business to start pulling in even more revenue.

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