Campaign Information

Creating a new campaign requires entering basic information settings .

Here you can add general information for your campaign.

Campaign Name


We recommend using a name that will be easy for you to identify when going over your various campaigns.

Start and End date

A campaign will start running once it has been approved, and will finish running once its total budget has been reached.

If you would like a campaign to start running on a different day, or to stop running on a certain day, you may insert a start date and an end date.


Select a start date:


Note that the end date will show unlimited unless you choose to insert a specific date:


You can always choose to insert a time and later delete it:

Clicking on the delete option will delete any row you inserted.


Day and Hour parting

You may run a campaign during specific time frames (days and hours of the week).

Enabling the day parting options will open these fields:


You may add several time frames to a campaign, for different days and times, or for the same day with different times. Click on:


and add another time frame:



Frequency Capping 

This feature enables to set and control the no. of impressions or clicks a user can have each day or week




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