Analyze Your Performance By Using Custom Reports

Custom Reports allow you to analyze and track the performance of your apps by Ad Type/ Date/Country.

You can filter and view data according to the different performance measurements. The selected filters will be applied to all the statistics viewed on this page, and can be changed at any time.

How to create the report

Step 1: Choose the date range of your report.
Step 2: Choose the filter: Apps, Country, Ad Type, Ad Tag.
Step 3: Choose the data grouping.

For example, to view your performance by Ad Type and Country, choose Group by Ad Type, and Country, and press the Apply button on the right:



Grouping by Ad Type enables you to learn which ad type performs best for your account. By adding additional measures to 'Group By' (in this example, Country), you will be able to view the data segmented for relevant insights.

Analyze your performance using the custom report

By using the custom report, you can learn which of your ad types perform best in a specific country, or app, and allow you to better monetize your app.

For example, the report below presents the data for all apps, filtered in the United States only, and grouped by Ad Type.

You can see that the Splash ad shows the highest eCPM and CTR. This means that traffic should be derived from this ad type specifically:


Save the reports

Set the report configuration by setting the filters and press the Save button on the right:


To receive reports by email, add an email address and check “Send report by email”. Reports will be sent to your email automatically at the chosen time interval (daily, weekly, monthly).

Each time you enter Custom Reports, you will be able to load the report with all predefined settings:


Export the report

In order to export the report, press the Export button on the right:




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