iOS 14+ Readiness 


iOS 14+ Readiness SDK version 4.6.0, and higher, are compatible with iOS 14 and support SKAdNetwork.
To prepare your app for iOS 14+, take the following steps:

  1. Integrate iOS 14+ compliant SDK (Ver. 4.6.0 and up)
  2. Enable SKAdNetwork to track conversions by updating your plist with SKAdNetwork identifiers
  3. Manage your app privacy details iOS 14+ compliant SDK

Integrate SDK Ver. 4.6.0. It does not include any API changes but a simple drag and drop update.
See the documentation for iOS and Unity.


Enable SKAdNetwork 

Update your plist with SKAdNetwork identifiers SDK supports conversion tracking using Apple's SKAdNetwork, which means that is able to attribute an app install even when IDFA is unavailable.

To enable this functionality, update the SKAdNetworkItems key with an additional dictionary in your Info.plist.

Note: Additional SKAdNetworkIdentifier values may be added in the future. We recommend checking back on this page for updates. SKAdNetwork identifier: 5l3tpt7t6e.skadnetwork


See Apple’s SKAdNetwork documentation to learn more.


Manage Your App Privacy Details

The following article describes the information about data collection and usage of (Formerly StartApp) SDK. This information is required when uploading your app to the Apple Store.
Note that the information below is based on the data collected by SDK. If your application collects further data, you should adjust the settings accordingly. 

Marketers have a strong preference for in-app traffic coming with user consent: in an era of audience-based targeting and personalized ads, personal data such as IDFA, IP address, or Geolocation are highly valuable. If a user has not consented (or, in case the publisher hasn’t passed the consent to the monetization platform ), advertisers won’t serve personalized ads to this user. Consequently, advertisers will offer lower bids for ad requests that are not including consent. In other words: user’s consent has a significant impact on your eCPMs and bottom-line revenue. 

Apple’s privacy policy requires a discloser about the embedded (Formerly StartApp) services and data collection.’s SDK will present to the user the option to consent. Introducing the option to consent for data collection is mandatory by’s Publisher Agreement.  The consent text ensures your app is compliant with the relevant privacy policies.

Data Handling Practices

To choose what privacy data is collected by (Formerly StartApp) SDK, you should open your app in and find “App Privacy” under “App Information” and “Pricing and Availability“ menu items.

After selecting “App Privacy” find “Get Started” button.
Or, in case you already have selected some data types before, find the blue “Edit” button close to “Data Types” to edit them.

  1. Data Collection.
    Choose “Yes, we collect data from this app“.


2. After tapping Next you will get a long list of all data types that your app may collect.
The Following items should be selected:
  • Location
    Select both ”Precise Location” and “Coarse Location“
  • Identifiers
    Select ”Device ID”
  • Diagnostics
    Select “Crash Data“ and “Other Diagnostic Data“

  • Other Data

After all data types are selected tap “Save“.

3. On next step you have to select how exactly and for what you collect each type of data.
If you haven’t done this yet, tap on “Set Up Other Data Types“ for each type of data.
If you have already done it and you need to change your answer - tap on “Edit“ button for corresponding data type.

  • For “Diagnostics”->”Crash Data” select “App Functionality“:

On next step select “No, crash data collected from this app is not linked to the user’s identity“:


On next step select “No, we do not use crash data for tracking purposes“:


  • For all other data types select “Third-Party Advertising“:

On next step select “No, <DATA_TYPE_NAME> collected from this app are not linked to the user’s identity“ (where <DATA_TYPE_NAME> is the name of the data type you are editing at the moment).
For example for Device ID your choice will look like:

On next step select “Yes, we use <DATA_TYPE_NAME> for tracking purposes“ (where <DATA_TYPE_NAME> you will see the name of the data type you are editing at the moment).
For example for Device ID your choice will look like:

IMPORTANT: this guide describes the data collected by (Formerly StartApp) SDK only. If your app collects additional data or uses it differently - please select corresponding items according to your application data usage.