Unity mediation with Start.io SDK

Unity Developers

This document is intended for Unity developers using an Ad Mediation for monetization, such as: AdMob, Applovin or ironSource, and are looking to include Start.io as part of their mediated waterfall.


Steps to follow

Step 1

Make sure that you use proper AdMob, AppLovin, IronSource mediation Unity adapter in your application. Otherwise if you do not use any mediation platform and just want to integrate only our sdk you need to integrate our own Unity adapter according to this document: https://support.start.io/hc/en-us/articles/360015675593-Unity-integration#getting-started-0-0

Step 2

Ok, if you use mediation make sure that you properly configured your mediation in your AdMob, AppLovin or IronSource account and you are able to observe their test ads in your project.

Step 3

In order to add our sdk to your Unity project you need to download two files for every OS platform (2 for android and 2 for iOS). One of them is the start.io sdk itself and the second one is our mediation adapter library which you need to select according to your mediation platform (AdMob-Start.io adapter for AdMob mediation, AppLovin-Start.io adapter for AppLovin and so on). Please select and download following libraries:

  • All iOS adapters are distributed as open source. For using in Unity you need to download the repository, build the library in Xcode and move the artefact to the Unity editor

Step 4

When you have downloaded (and built for iOS) all the needed files for your mediation please drag and drop them to your Unity editor file manager panel. Open the settings and set the checkboxes next to the files (if they weren’t set by Unity automatically) for which OS build you want to connect them (android files to android, iOS files to iOS).


Step 5

Now your project is ready to build the only thing which is left is proper waterfall configuration for our sdk in your mediation platform. So, register if you do not have start.io account, create an app and due to your mediation please login to their portal and configure the waterfall using our regular documents for integrating ad’s mediations in native android/iOS projects:

Start.io Integration Documents 

Please refer to our standard integration documentation for the required mediation configuration steps. 

Your Unity App is ready!

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