Creative Types and Sizes

To familiarize yourself with the way (Formerly StartApp) presents your campaign's creatives, please read this article currently offers 4 different creative types.

Enriched ad

Enriched Ad creatives (Rich Text) are high volume creatives. This creative type represents about 70% of's (formerly StartApp) traffic. We recommend adding them to every campaign in order to make sure you are getting as much volume as possible.  

For app install campaigns: the app title, description, and icon will automatically be extracted from the relevant Application Store, based on the package name entered in the campaign's "What are you promoting?" section.

Note that all fields can be edited, including the icon image, if necessary.

For mobile content campaigns: you are free to create and upload the image, title, and description. 

Enriched Ad creatives will be presented in the following ad types: 

  • Small banner
  • Full-screen interstitial

Need to learn about ad types? Read more here.

Accepted icon sizes

160X160 (100KB), 175X175 (100KB), 300X300 (150KB), 512X512 (200KB), 1024X1024 (400KB)

You may also upload a 1200x628 and 1200X627 (250KB) size. These are banner sized images served as an enriched ad. They might add additional traffic inventory for your campaign, so we recommend you try them!

Accepted formats



Interstitial is a great creative type, recommended to get high performance! 

For an interstitial ad, you must enter two images. This is to ensure the user can see your creative regardless of the way the device is held.

Accepted sizes


320X480 (150KB), 768X1024 (250KB)


480X320 (150KB), 1024X768 (250KB)

Accepted formats



The classic banner creative is available on our traffic.

Banner creatives will be presented in the following ad types:

  • Small banner
  • Large banner (only for 300X250 size)

Accepted sizes

300X50, 320X50, 480X32, 728X90, 468X60, 1024X90, 300X250, 1200x627

Max. image weight is 150 KB

Accepted formats



The full-screen video ad is available with an optional end card. (The end card is an image that appears at the end of the video and should include a clear call to action.)

Accepted sizes

Formats: MP4 & WebM

Max. video weight is 100MB

Length: up to 30 seconds

We recommend you add a unique name for each creative so you can identify it in your reports.

Make sure you add a valid tracking URL to your designated landing page.



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