What is a Macro?

A macro is a component you can add to a link/ tracking URL. It is used as a key that represents a command or an action.

Using macros enables you to collect more data in your tracker about the clicks your campaign generates, based on your interests.

For example: mobile carrier, Source ID, creative, etc.

How will macros help you to optimize?

Using macros is highly recommended. Accurate and focused data is the basis for efficient optimization, and macros provide you with more details about your campaign traffic.

Using these simple keys will allow you to gather data and then target your campaign to the specific traffic that was more relevant or beneficial to you.

What does a macro look like?

We've made our macros simple and clear, so the macro name reveals its actual use, reflecting the data you will receive by applying it to your tracking URL.

Please see our tracking macros list here.

For example: by adding our Application ID macro, which is startapp_app_id, you will receive the application number from where your campaign's click was generated in our platform. 

How can you apply macros to your campaigns?

Let's examine a tracking URL that correctly uses macros:

http://anyname.com/aff_c?offer_id=300&aff_id=1000&aff_sub=startapp_click_id_placeholder& aff_sub2=campaign_id&aff_sub3=startapp_app_id

First, written in black, is the domain and the basic address of the link. This part is provided by your tracking company.

Please note that this advertiser was provided the placeholder "aff_sub" by their tracking company. 

Second, in green, is the StartApp click ID placeholder, which will later enable you to attribute an install to a click that came from the ad you promoted on our platform.

Third, in purple, are 2 macros the advertiser added, as listed below. Be sure to separate each macro with an "&" sign:

  • The campaign ID, which will later appear as your campaign's number on our platform 
  • The publishing app ID, which will later appear as the app's number on our platform 

* Please do not use parentheses or brackets, as our system does not support these symbols.


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