Uploading Creatives

Adding creatives is Step 5 in the campaign creation process.

You may choose to upload and publish any creative you wish. Our campaign compliance team will review the creative, and either approve or reject it before publishing.

How to upload creatives

1. Select the creative type you would like to upload:


Click here to learn about our creative types.

2. Insert a creative name and tracking URL:


3. Based on the creative type you choose, upload the icon or image:


You may add as many creatives as you like. We recommend testing all creative types.

Once a creative is uploaded, you can replace it at any time. Simply click on "Replace Creative":


You can then upload any other creative and publish it.

Export creatives

Once you set a new creative, you can copy it between campaigns in your account.

Simply choose the creatives to be exported and click on “export creative”:



Choose the relevant campaigns (you can choose up to 10 campaigns at the same time):


And click on validate export:


Once the creatives are validated, you’ll be able to complete the export.

If there’s an issue with the validation, you will see it in an error box with the reason for the failure.

Please note – creatives will be copied with the existing settings (click URL etc.) unless there’s a global setting in the copied to the campaign.

Import creatives

Instead of uploading the same creatives over & over, you can choose to import creatives from existing campaigns:


Click on “import from campaign” and choose the relevant creatives:


You can search for creatives using the Creative ID, Creative name, Campaign ID, Campaign name.

Once all creatives are chosen, click on the import button:


This option is also available to use in existing campaigns:



Publishing new creatives requires our campaign compliance team's approval. You will receive an approval/denial email notification for any creative you upload, similar to that when publishing a new campaign.

Read more about our Ad Placements here.


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