Increasing Your eCPM

Raising your eCPM

Here is another way of thinking about the eCPM formula:

eCPM= Click-Through Rate * Conversion Rate * Revenue per Conversion * 1000 

If you can increase just one of these above factors, you will raise your overall eCPM.

Increasing CTR

To calculate the Click-Through Rate (CTR), divide the number of ad clicks by the number of ad impressions

If you want to increase the CTR, there are a few things you can do as a developer. First, if you are using banner ads to advertise, experiment with the placement of the banner. In-app banners will have a different CTR than a mobile web banner, even if their size is the same.

Second, you can try out different ad sizes. Bigger ads usually see a higher CTR (we recommend to add our Splash or Return ads) than smaller banner ads. You can also experiment with different banner designs, like our 250x300 or 1200x628 banners. Original, eye-catching graphics will catch the user’s attention more easily.

Increasing Conversion Rate

To calculate the Conversion Rate, divide the number of calls-to-action completed by the number of ad clicks

The conversion rate for an ad depends on user interest and ad optimization. Collecting basic demographic information about your users is a start, but ad optimization can be hard for a developer on their own. (formerly StartApp) lends a hand to developers by optimizing advertisements behind the scenes. At, we review apps on the back-end so ads are targeted to the interests of your users. If a user already has a specific app downloaded on their device, we make sure that this user will no longer see advertisements for that app.

We are also negotiating and building relationships with advertisers so that our developers can earn as much as possible.

In addition, we check if advertisements are optimized for mobile viewing, and we also make sure that any landing pages are optimized for mobile as well so users can complete a call-to-action quickly and easily.

More Tips

  • Keep in mind that apps with the lowest content ratings attract more advertisers and better advertisements because they can reach a wider audience. The same is also true of apps that are small in size!
  • Make sure to optimize your app for a variety of the most popular OS software versions. If you are only optimized for the most recent version, you are alienating a very large potential audience who are using older phones.