How to get more traffic? Why is my campaign not getting traffic?

When creating a new campaign, we usually hope to reach the maximum volume, per our targeting

This article will help you make sure your campaign is at its maximum potential in terms of volume:

Set a Daily Budget

We do not allow to run campaigns on specific publishers with unlimited daily budget – we recommend making sure you enter a daily budget in campaign settings:

Screenshot 2023-07-31 212916.png


Add Rich Text Creative

Your ads can be shown in different ad types: Full Page, Banner, Native, and more… You can find them here

Each of these ad types contains many available creative sizes. For example: Accepted full-page ad size can be: 320X480, 768X1024, 320X568, 300X600, 360X640, 300X1050. And this is only for Portrait.

The ads that we assemble from rich text assets automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit just about any available ad type.

So, in order to maximize your ad serving potential, we recommend using our Rich text creative

Rich Text creative will allow us to serve you ad in all ad sizes and all ad types (don’t worry you can still narrow it in the campaign to specific ad types)

 In order to start running Rich text ads you will need to add:

  • Square Icon - Accepted icon sizes are: 160X160 (100KB), 175X175 (100KB), 180X180 (100KB), 300X300 (150KB), 512X512 (200KB), 1024X1024 (400KB)
  • Large Banner - Accepted banner sizes are: 1200X628 (350KB), 1200X627 (350KB)
  • Title
  • Description

This is how your ad will look like:



What do you need to know about how to upload Rich text? You can find it all here.

 Avoid Over Targeting Your Campaign

When creating a new campaign try to target only necessary verticals (such as Country, OS, etc.)
and try to avoid using too many targeting options as they may conflict with each other and create a very low volume.

A broader targeting will increase your ad exposure on our traffic.

Pay Attention to Low CPA Goal while activating CPA Goal Auto Optimization

The CPA goal represents the amount you are willing to pay for one conversion or install.

CPA Goal allows you to better compare & optimize your campaign results in the optimization center.

  • In order to learn how to see your conversions in portal please see this article.

 For each campaign, you can expect a certain conversion rate, AKA -CR%, based on the targeting, type of offer, country, etc.

When setting the CPA goal and enabling CPA Goal Auto Optimization, you need to consider setting bid and expected CR%.
Give a reasonable CPA goal for CPC and CPM campaigns.
Otherwise, we might not send you enough traffic since our prediction tool, based on a learning mechanism, won’t find convertible traffic for you in the expected CR% you set.  For example, if you bid CPC $0.01, you can’t put a $0.1 in the CPA goal. It requires a 10% CR, which is hard to achieve.

Keep in mind that the bid should be competitive. If you increase the bid, you should increase the CPA Goal respectively, or disable this feature.

Read more about CPA Goal Auto Optimization here.

Run Clear and Clean Offers & Creatives

We highly recommend using our creative guideline to make sure your creative comply with our publishers, and this will ensure your ad will get the maximum traffic potential.

 Add Video Creatives

It’s a well-known fact that Video advertising is one of the most popular ways to reach online audiences and that smartphone users are more committed to watch and engage in video ads compared to desktop ads. 

When looking into campaigns we recommend adding an up to 30 seconds video ad to your campaigns, so your offer will get more potential traffic. You can also choose to run video ads in separate campaigns in order to better optimize the campaigns’ performance and adjust the bid.

Formats accepted: MP4 & webm. Up to 100MB and 60 seconds duration.

Gradually Increase Your Bid

Going back to the basics with this tip, as it might state the obvious, it’s highly important to remember that volume is also determined by competition, and this competition constantly changes based on advertisers’ bids.

In order to keep exploring new sources of traffic, you need to stay competitive in your bids.

Refresh Your Creatives for better CTR

It’s important to remember that the creative you advertise has a great impact on the campaign performance, which eventually impacts the optimization you will perform.

Creative with low CTR will most likely receive a lower volume of traffic even if the bid seems to be competitive; as CTR is a main factor in the campaign selection process.

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